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Billing Options

By working as a close knit efficient specialist team, we eliminate unnecessary overheads and are able to pass on those savings to our clients whilst maintaining our high professional standards and specialist expertise.


Working with our clients
Experience of a City firm, individual attention of a partner service

We have the experience and skills to provide you with the quickest and therefore the cheapest method of achieving the best outcome for your case.

Our charges vary depending on the complexity of your matter and the seniority of the fee earner.


We will agree fees with clients individually and make every effort to ensure clients are kept abreast of the costs being incurred in their matter.

In many instances we can provide you with a fixed fee but more often than not a degree of flexibility is required to know exactly what a case is likely to cost. Our experience gives us an ability to predict cost and to give you the benefit of assessing whether the costs likely to be incurred are proportionate to the result you are seeking to achieve.

Time is not a measure of value but all too often it is used as such. Time is just one of several factors to take account of when billing.

When arriving at our hourly rates these are based on the level of our overheads our experience and expert knowledge which are then adjusted to arrive at a charge which is fair and reasonable taking account of factors such as complexity, value, urgency, time and the place where the business is transacted.

We will provide you with transparency in the way our fees are arrived at by explaining to you beforehand the work which we advise needs to be undertaken and then giving you the opportunity to decide whether it is affordable taking into account the uncertainties that affect dispute work.

Before we present our bills we will send you a full breakdown detailing the activity undertaken, the time taken for each aspect of that activity and the rate to be charged for the person(s) acting for you together with all disbursements incurred on your behalf.

There are many different risk sharing arrangements we are willing to enter into with clients and we can discuss  these to help you with your case. These might involve various funding options to cover both your legal costs and insurance policies to cover the risk of incurring an adverse costs award.

Commercial debt recovery

Debts up to £10k.

Generally we will not take matters on what fall within the small claims court. We may assist you with negotiations and settlements in these matters but we feel that in most situations a small claims matter cannot be dealt with efficiently using solicitors because very often the legal costs outweigh the debt. We refer many clients to MCOL [ ?] . This online system allows small claims to be brought very simply.

Please check our guide on small claims matters.

Recovery of commercial debts of up to £100,000.00

Cost information


We charge fees based on the time we spend on your matter. Our hourly rates vary from £165.00 plus VAT to £350.00 plus VAT per hour. Where possible we will agree a fixed charge and in some circumstances we may agree to charge a percentage of recovery.




Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties. Disbursements will depend on your matter and we will discuss disbursements as the matter progresses.


Should the matter result in us issuing proceedings you will need to pay court fees. Please click here for information on court fees. Counsel’s fees will vary depending on the experience and qualifications of the Barrister instructed. Barrister fees will attract VAT. We will discuss any other costs with you including VAT payable. We suggest you contact us in the first instance to discuss your matter and to consider how we might be able to assist you.

VAT is charged at the prevailing rate.

Please contact us for details of our current rates and our general approach to billing.


Working to achieve your goals
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