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Business Disputes

Dictionary Definition DISPUTE:

  • ​To argue about, debate​

  • ​To question the truth or validity of; to doubt​

  • ​To strive to win; to contend for​

  • ​To strive against; oppose; resist​

  • ​To quarrel vehemently

Whatever the nature of your dispute, Brixworth Legal Limited are experts in dispute resolution.

Our specialties lie in solving complex and difficult disputes with ingenuity, passion and the patience to find the best solution to the problem, in the shortest possible time, offering the best value for our clients.

The sooner you raise with us the issues the better. Best outcomes result from taking prompt advice.


"I'm happy to be able to tell your Lordship that you will not be troubled by this case. The parties have settled their differences"


As skilled practitioners we save our clients from great trouble and expense by judicious and timely compromise.


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