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Contractual Disputes

Commercial relationships survive or founder depending on the quality and lack of ambiguity within their contracts. Conflict can arise for a wide variety of reasons and can bring business activity to a halt if not resolved quickly, effectively and efficiently.​

Brixworth Legal Limited has a team of experts who can;

  • Provide insights into negotiation strategy

  • Advise at the pre-contract stage to reduce the risk of future disputes

  • Review existing relationships with the aim of avoiding future conflict

  • Offer dispute resolution choices when a business relationship breaks down​

We offer the most appropriate dispute resolution process for each individual client and case. Our expertise in all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) is the key to achieving a pragmatic and commercial resolution to the dispute.

To see how we can help you resolve your dispute please call us on: 01604 973976

"Thank you for helping us with our negotiation strategy and your excellent advice."

Martin Ripley

Managing Director

Lindhurst Engineering Limited

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