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Goods & Services Disputes

In our global economy and within the day to day running of any business, there is potential for problems in the supply chain nationally and internationally. They can arise from suppliers from whom components or services are purchased, or complaints from customers about the quality of the goods or services, or simply issues of non-payment. 

Brixworth Legal Limited has a team of experts who:

  • Advise on the contractual terms that apply to the situation

  • Consider the validity of terms purporting to exclude or limit liability for substandard performance

  • Advise on how to preserve title to goods until they are paid for with the use of Romalpa clauses

  • Co-ordinate the input of technical specialists advising on fundamental questions of product performance

  • Advise you of the value of your claim or conversely the risk you face and how much that could cost your business


We offer the most appropriate dispute resolution process for each individual client and case. Our expertise in all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) is the key to achieving a pragmatic and commercial resolution to the dispute.

To see how we can help you resolve your dispute please call us on: 01604 973976

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