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Insolvency Disputes

The economic climate is challenging and in difficult times businesses facing large scale losses need to change to survive. 

The need for urgent expert legal and accounting advice when cash flow problems develop is essential. Current management information and predicted future trading activity is vital in the development of viable realistic strategies for recovery.

Brixworth Legal Limited offer detailed analysis, options, advice and support designed to preserve goodwill and reputations, and build a consensus for recovery for: 

  • Lenders  

  • Shareholders

  • Directors

  • Creditors

  • Debtors​

Calmly presenting the options at the earliest opportunity helps balance emotional elements associated with financial crisis and once acknowledged and addressed a constructive progress toward recovery can begin.

We have seen most forms of financial distress over the years and from that knowledge we can offer the most appropriate process for each individual client and case. Our expertise in all forms of insolvency process is the key to achieving a just, pragmatic and commercial resolution. 

To see how we can help you resolve your dispute please call us on: 01604 973976

"If we'd have been advised how to bring construction contracts to an end correctly we would have not provided our client with an easy excuse not to pay us."

Steven Bates

Managing Director
Integrated Building Services​

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