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Partnership Disputes

Often the most personal of disputes, partnership disputes can be acrimonious and challenging for those remaining and those departing. The resolution is crucially important often for more than financial reasons.

Brixworth Legal Limited has extensive experience of advising on:

  • The terms of the deed of partnership or, in the case of less formal arrangements, the consequences of the manner in which the business has operated

  • The entitlement of each of the partners to a share in the assets of the partnership

  • The basis for valuation of partnership assets and their distribution following dissolution


We offer the most appropriate dispute resolution process for each individual client and case. Our expertise in all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) is the key to achieving a pragmatic and commercial resolution to the dispute.

To see how we can help you resolve your dispute please call us on: 01604 973976

"Just a very quick thank you. The advice and the action you took for Steve and Phil on behalf of their specialist construction company on a contingency fee basis enabled them to continue in business. Thank you very much for being prepared to drop everything and come in and help me with them at short notice."

Gary Pettit

PBC Business Recovery and Insolvency Limited

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