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"In my view it's the meek who cause all the problems" (immortal words of John Cleese, Life of Brian)

“It’s the meek that cause all of the problems” says John Cleese as leader of the People’s Judian Front in Life of Brian.

Nothing could be truer when it comes to power imbalances prevalent in disputes. The meek, by who I mean the average fair minded, moderately incomed client are at risk when they bring claims against the Goliaths of the dispute world. These are the overbearingly rich greedy well-resourced companies, usually insurers and their servant solicitor firms. They are well versed in adapting unnecessarily difficult and embarrassing defence positions.

These Goliaths extract advantage by putting up obstacles and then inviting conflict. When it arises they embrace a ritual of making measly offers and challenging the meek to beat them.

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