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Collaborative achievements - Resolex

Collaboration becomes the default process to overcome difficulties.

Congratulations to Resolex and its Roundtable meeting last night at the International Dispute Resolution Centre in Fleet Street London which was witness to the phenomenal steps achieved by Kier Services and Surrey Highways and David Mosey in their collaboration which achieved the building of a supply chain alliance for highways work.

The men in the vanguard of this remarkable achievement are Keith Coleman of Surrey County Council and Nigel Owers of Kier assisted by the very deep thorough and thoughtful advice and drafting skills of Professor David Mosey and should be nominated for a peace prize.

Many congratulations and thank you to Resolex for bringing this achievement into the open. It does make you wonder why in this jurisdiction we don't make collaborative behaviour the default dispute resolution process. This is the new dawn.

If you would like to learn more please call Brixworth Legal Limited on 01604 973976.

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