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Shareholder disputes are common - our commercial litigation expertise can help secure deals.

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Making sure you have professionally drafted and agreed shareholders’ agreements in place at the outset is the best way to avoid disputes in the future.

However, in many cases no such agreement exists, or if it does it is poorly drafted and not comprehensive. This means that when business relationships break down between shareholders, failing to get good advice at an early stage can cost you dearly.

Our commercial and shareholder dispute expertise is one of genuine specialism within Brixworth Legal. It is a specialism that requires significant experience, expertise and attention to detail so that nothing is missed or overlooked in a case.

In recent years, we have acted for many shareholders across a diverse range of industries and professions, using commercial litigation as and when necessary to deliver usually by negotiation or mediation the results our clients need. We have recovered hundreds of thousands of pounds for directors and shareholders who have found themselves in conflict and in need of guidance.

Contact us today on 01604 973976 if you would like our help.

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