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There is only one Karl Mackie of CEDR, and he rules the Air Waves

Look at this picture. Harnessing wind to launch 30 tonnes at 25 knots using brawn and brain that have all been carefully selected to achieve a successful outcome.

Well done to Emma Barnett who assembled the team to discuss negotiation yesterday. Oh what a wonderful interview on Radio Five live yesterday, 29th January at 10:44 on The Emma Barnett Show with Dr Karl Mackie MBE about how to create a successful negotiating team and the way to resolve the current inept political fighting over Brexit.

It is a very great shame that in all the media reporting over the last two years, not once before yesterday did the advice given by Karl Mackie to Theresa May ever get a mentioned. Andrew Marr, please get Karl on your Sunday program this week to make amends? Thank heavens the media now knows the art of impasse breaking and constructive dialogue via mediation. Even politicians can use it. It's ironic that the Government and the Ministry of Justice has been committed to its use for over a decade; last year it was reported as saving the country billions of £’s in otherwise futile legal battles.

Please listen and please make this widely known as there is a chink of light now coming through, and it’s overdue!

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Apr 12, 2021

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