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At Brixworth Legal Limited  we are proud of our clients and what they think of us. Our clients trust us to work shoulder-to-shoulder with them to share our knowledge and deliver solutions to their most difficult problems.

"Thank you for your handling of this matter and I'd like to say just how much I have enjoyed working with you and your team. The involvement of insurers made this much more drawn out than I expected but I guess they were struggling to get them to appreciate just how badly they had let us down."

"Quite beautifully handled with a great result. Thank you very much indeed".

“I first made contact with the firm during a legal problem that I was finding very complex with no end in sight. They quickly got to grips by separating the facts from the incorrect claims and helped to put my mind at rest. The team’ experience on litigation matters was of great comfort to me and when further specialist support was required to strengthen my case, They had excellent contacts at his disposal.”


“Research into HGH Groundworks was carried out so that you had a great deal of understanding about our line of work. This helped you to comprehend the case against us and enabled us to speak on a level which solicitors in the past have not been able to do - it meant that no time was wasted on me explaining about my company and we could start work straight away on the actual case.”
"It has been a very painful experience, and we are now able to start enjoying our lives again. Your input and support has been excellent. I never imagined that we would have a successful mediation on Friday but thanks to you we managed to get through the day with a solution."

" You have been absolutely amazing with all your help and guidance - so very much appreciated, certainly been a challenging time but your support could not have been more gratefully received.  Wishing you all the very best”  

"We were impressed with the speed at which they were able to move to protect our business and to secure a very favourable settlement.”


"Just a very quick thank you. The advice and the action you took for Steve and Phil on behalf of their specialist construction company on a contingency fee basis enabled them to continue in business. Thank you very much for being prepared to drop everything and come in and help me with them at short notice."

“We recently engaged Brixworth Legal in the sale of a property. We found them to be thorough and knowledgeable with a friendly, courteous and supportive manner. Their prompt and efficient work made managing the sale a smooth and successful operation. We can recommend them as a highly efficient company with very high standards in all aspects of their work. Lesley, Holcot.” 

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