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Agricultural Disputes

In many respects agricultural property laws are very different to the laws associated with residential or commercial property. Agricultural land owners need to be aware of the distinctions and will need specialist advice.

At Brixworth Legal Limited we understand your business and your priorities. We work with you, your land agents and your insurers in dealing with:


  • Rights of way, covenant and easements, possession and adverse possession

  • Development disputes, overage agreements, construction disputes, disputes with renewable energy companies

  • Neighbour/boundary disputes

  • Secured and protected tenancies including Farm Business Tenancies and protected residential tenancies

  • Grazing licences

  • Professional negligence

  • Contractual issues relating to agricultural machinery

  • Dilapidations


We have connections within the agricultural sector and can assist you in the appointment of suitable experts who will follow the guidance produced by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Civil Procedure Rules

To see how we can help you resolve your dispute please call us on: 01604 9739776

"Quite beautifully handled with a great result. Thank you very much indeed".
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