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Ensuring your name is registered on your property

Back in the 1960s 70s and even the 80s it was common for married couples to buy a house but hold it only in the man’s name. With the women’s income disregarded in those days, they were often left off the mortgage and therefore not allowed to be named on the property deeds.

Fast forward 60 years, many women do not legally own the marital home, and often they do not know or have forgotten about it. This can cause problems when it comes to care home costs or when one of the couple pass away.

It is easy to fix this. Here at Brixworth Legal we take pride in helping couples ensure their property is held as it should be. Whether your home is registered or not, we can help transfer property into joint names.

Case study

Pensioners Brian and Anne Ball, 76, had purchased their home over 50 years ago. Recently, they realised their home was only in Brian’s name. The mortgage was paid off many years earlier, and they had both contributed towards that. They made the decision to add Anne’s name to the deeds. The thought of ensuring her name was on the deeds just “escaped” their minds as they got on with life. As the property was unregistered and they were not sure they had the right documentation, they thought it would be a huge job. We helped them get the property transferred into joint names.

Anne said: “Sanj and the Brixworth Legal team have been extremely helpful, and they completely took my worries away.

“Even though there were several obstacles in the way, Sanj took it upon herself to rectify these issues without concerning me. She was a delight to work with and made the process as easy as it could be.”

She added: “I highly recommend Brixworth Legal to anyone who wants to transfer their name on to the deeds of their house. I could not have asked for any better.”

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